5 Things for Start-Ups to Consider when Choosing an ELD Provider

5 Things for Start-Ups to Consider when Choosing an ELD Provider

Back in December, the congressional electronic logging device (ELD) mandate was put in place as part of MAP-21 to create a safer work environment for drivers. This new mandate recognizes ELD’s capabilities for easier and faster tracking, management and sharing of records regarding time drivers spend on the road. The main purpose for the mandate is to reduce the number of hours that a driver is allowed to consecutively spend on the road, reducing the number of drivers falling asleep at the wheel and causing harm to themselves and/or others. The mandate includes 3 maximum duty limits, including a 14-hour driving window, an 11-hour driving limit, and 60/70-hour duty limit (FMCSA).

With this mandate newly in place, start-ups have some things to consider when choosing their ELD provider.


  • Are you exempt?


Some drivers are not required to keep records of duty status or use ELD’s. To see the qualifications of who is exempt from the mandate, as provided by the FMCSA, click here.


  • Does your provider have ELD experience prior to the mandate?


The Commercial Vehicle industry is extremely complicated with lots of regulations. Your ELD supplier should have experience in the industry and be able to stay ahead of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules. With experience in ELD supply, a provider will be apt at keeping up with regulations as they shift.


  • What is the cost of ownership?


Some providers require fees and contract commitments. Others are available with no monthly fees or contracts. Choosing the right ELD provider shouldn’t have to break your budget.


  • Where do you operate?


If you operate in Canada, Alaska, or in oil fields, know that the FMCSA regulations are different there than in the continental United States. Some ELD providers are only able to provide compliance in the continental U.S. If you operate within these other areas, choose an ELD provider that has ELD software with compliance across North America to keep your additional costs low.


  • What capabilities does the provider offer?


Does their software work within your current infrastructure? Does the supplier offer a training curriculum for drivers and managers? How will the software improve safety and effectivity? How quickly can the provider replace any hardware to ensure that the system remains in compliance? These are all questions you should be asking to ensure that you are picking the best ELD provider to suit your needs.

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