Cutting Edge Technologies

Cutting Edge Technologies

Most people don’t equate “cutting-edge technology” with the transportation industry, but here at Kopf Logistics, we understand that trucks are hauling the innovation of tomorrow into today. We are proud to be part of a forward-thinking industry determined to deliver goods safely and efficiently across our great country. Change is often met with resistance, and that’s why we pay close attention. We want to know and understand the change at hand, so we can best meet our customer’s needs.

Let’s talk about a two of the newest innovations.


Yes, everyone is still talking about ELDs because the ELD rule goes into effect in less than three weeks on December 17, 2018. Electronic logbooks aren’t exactly new to the industry, but the rule makes them mandatory, and there are a lot of benefits for trucks and fleets outfitted with ELDs.

1      ELDs save time and money by communicating a driver’s HOS and location directly to managers, by reducing money spent on paper products, and enables better route management.

2      ELDs increase safety. According to an estimate by FMCSA, ELDs will help save 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries every year. What’s not to like about that!

3      ELDs not only monitor bad driving behaviors like hard-cornering and excessive acceleration; they also track good driving behaviors which creates the opportunity for managers to reward and hopefully retain the best drivers.


What is truck platooning? According to Rolf Lockwood, Vice President, Editorial at Newcom Business Media, platooning “creates semi-autonomous road trains, where two or more trucks are controlled by a lead vehicle through wireless communication.” He explains at that “trucks in such a convoy are able to drive very close together, reducing aerodynamic drag in a big way and bringing fuel-efficiency of as much as 20%, depending on which test you’re looking at. The smaller the gap between vehicles, the better the fuel economy.”

If platooning lives up to its promise it will be a game-changer.

1      According to the National Energy Renewable Laboratory, trucks driving in a platoon can save up to 6.4% in fuel costs.

2      Platooning has the potential to create much safer roadways with wireless signals communicating dangerous situations to trucks in platoon formation enabling them to react more quickly than a single driver could react.

ELDs are here to stay and the benefits to shippers and carriers will far outweigh any difficulty in their implementation. Truck platooning has the potential to continue to change our industry for the better. Your friends at Kopf Logistics are excited about these and other innovations in the trucking industry, and we’ll do our best to keep you informed and up to date!

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