The Future of RVs

The Future of RVs

Who doesn’t remember Cousin Eddie and his trailer in the Christmas classic, Christmas Vacation?  Back in the day, motorhomes, campers, trailers were seen as vacation vehicles for the elderly or the wealthy–Cousin Eddie, not included.  Well, so long to those days.

Today Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are trendy and fun. Several years ago, Ann Patchett, author of Run, State of Wonder, and Bel Canto, took a vacation in an RV in order to write an article for Outdoor Magazine. She fully intended to hate the RV, but found herself in love with the experience. She isn’t alone,  according to a recent ownership report by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the fastest growing age group of RV owners in 2013 was 35 years to about 44 years. This age group is just slightly below the industry’s largest cohort of RV owners, which lies between 45 and 54 years old. According to the report, the average American RV owner was at least 50 years or older in the 1980s.  

Here at Kopf Logistics, we have a special interest in RVs because we ship all parts used in the manufacture of RVs. We are proud to be involved in this booming business and proud to share a community with the manufacture of RVs–Elkhart, Indiana. We value community and the friendships and connections that come with it. Elkhart, Indiana is a small-town with big fun, and it’s the RV capital of the world! That’s why we are so pleased to showcase a few fun facts about RVs here on our blog.

RV users today are more active than the RV users of the past even though the largest number of these owners is retired with a 401(k). To cater to this physically active and modern generation of RV owners, the industry is focused on designing cost-effective but elegant and physically endowed RVs like the Travato-a small, hip RV with the option of bike and gear racks. RV parks are getting in the game too by offering fitness classes, gyms, yoga classes, bike rentals, walking trails, and much more. In other words, RV vacations have become pretty cool.

The cool/fun factor is probably why RV sales are on an all-time upswing. In fact, RV shipments have grown steadily to reach a record eight-year high of approximately 356,735 units shipped nationwide in 2014 as per the RVIA report. The report further reveals that shipments rose by 11 percent annually and 116% since the industry’s recession low of about 165,000 in 2009. According to General Electric (a leading RV manufacturer), this rise in sales is here to stay thanks to the growing number of younger RV owners.

We at Kopf Logistic couldn’t be happier that RV sales are booming. We are grateful to share the welcoming and bustling community of Elkhart with great RV manufacturers like Heartland RV, H-L Enterprise, Nexus, and Thor Motor Coach.

We believe that RV sales are going to continue to rise. Even though a majority of current RV owners are still couples and families in their 60s, the industry is gaining younger clients each and every day. Most future RV owners will definitely be couples and families in their early 30s. This younger generation is likely to embrace the RVing culture for convenience while traveling or to reduce the exorbitant mortgage expenses associated with renting or buying a new house. The rising number of RV owners is not only good news for the RV manufacturers but also for the RV park owners, and those of us who make our homes in Elkhart, Indiana.

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