Kopf Logistics: A Merger of Family, Faith, and Good Business

Kenny Kopf didn’t realize the adventure he was embarking upon when he became a cross-country truck driver in 1966. Within fourteen years, he bought his own truck and began the lifelong hard work of growing what would become the Kopf Logistics Group.

When Leroy Kopf was a teenager working in the mechanics shop of Kopf, he didn’t realize that he would return to the business after college and one day take the helm of leading the company his father started.

Kopf Logistics remains a family-run and owned business. Kenny continues to dispatch trucks and the company continues to grow while retaining its small company feeling. We like to say we accomplish BIG things with a small team.

Our core principles of family and faith is in everything that we do. We put people first. This comes across in the relationships we have within our team and the relationships we build with our customers. These relationships are based on trust and respect and a belief that people thrive when treated with integrity.

It’s not that we don’t make mistakes. We do. But we believe that mistakes are an important part of the learning process. We don’t try to brush mistakes under the rug, but rather hold them up to the light. Mistakes are opportunities to learn better ways. We take every opportunity we can.

These principles come together from our strong Christian faith. Faith in and love of Jesus are at the heart of all we do. It is our mission to be the best logistics provider we can be, but also to do good in the world and to build people up. We call this a  higher purpose, and this is why Kopf Logistics partners with food banks and other organizations to feed people.

We take our higher purpose from the Gospel of Luke:

Give them something to eat.

Luke 9:13

This higher purpose imbues all we do at Kopf Logistics, and we believe it not only helps the hungry, but unlocks our true potential. Volunteering and giving back to the community, feeding those who cannot feed themselves enriches our daily lives and nourishes us in ways too many to count.

We at Kopf are lucky that Kenny bought that first truck. He started our company humbly, and we continue to be blessed by that humbling beginning. It reminds us that hard work and honesty coupled with faith and a desire to build people up, is a foundation on which great companies are built.

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