President Trump’s Plans for “Building a Stronger America”

President Trump’s Plans for “Building a Stronger America”

President Trump’s administration has been controversial since he swore into office on January 20th, 2017. Throughout the last year, the president has been working to bring his “Make America Great Again” mantra to life, recently including a new infrastructure proposal called “Building a Stronger America.”


What is “Building a Stronger America”?


In his proposal, Trump has committed $200 billion in federal funding that will catalyze at least $1.5 trillion to a nationwide infrastructure investment. This investment will allow state and local governments to make investment decisions based on what’s needed in the local communities, meaning that states will have the ability to further prioritize the needs of rural communities. (More details regarding the proposal can be found at


Mary Fallin, Oklahoma’s governor, and the state’s secretary of transportation, Mike Patterson, support President Trump’s proposal because it includes considerable improvement to broadband internet, water and power systems, public lands and veteran hospitals in addition to its improvement plans for roads, mass transit, bridges, waterways, railways and airports. President Trump’s plan also indicates that more states will become eligible to apply and compete for federal grants to aid in the funding of major projects.


Why is it important to us?


The proposal affects us in several ways. It outlines new regulatory reforms to expedite project review and the current permitting process, helping projects gain approval and start construction much faster. With the expedition of the construction process, more projects can gain approval which in turn could create millions of jobs across the country. The proposal will also save people money by repairing roads. Chris Spear, the American Trucking Association president and CEO says the “typical motorist is losing $1,500 each year in wasted gas and vehicle repairs because of our crumbling infrastructure.” Not only does President Trump’s infrastructure proposal help citizens save money; better conditions for roads, railways, bridge, etc. help keep us safer as we travel, and you can’t put a price on safety.


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