Tesla: Taking the Trucking Industry by Storm

Tesla: Taking the Trucking Industry by Storm

Since their start in 2003, the last 15 years have been huge for Tesla. The American electric-automobile manufacturer has been dedicated to innovation and clean energy generation. One of their newest innovations: the Tesla Semi, which was unveiled alongside the new Tesla Roadster amid pomp and circumstance on November 16, 2017. You can watch the unveiling here.


“Semi is the safest, most comfortable truck ever. Four independent motors provide maximum power and acceleration and require the lowest energy cost per mile” is the statement released by Tesla about the new Semi (Tesla.com). These trucks come with some amazing features including:


  • 4 independent motors on rear axles
  • 0-60mph with 80k pounds in just 20 seconds
  • $200,000 in fuel savings
  • enhanced autopilot


The truck can practically drive itself with reduced fuel costs since they don’t require diesel, giving the truck a simple and green practicality. There are some misconceptions though about the new Semi, chief among them being that there will no longer be a need for drivers with the highly advanced autopilot that these trucks feature. This is far from the truth though, as these trucks still can’t enter or exit ramps. Drivers will still be necessary to maintain that the truck is functioning properly, especially on ramps. The autopilot just makes the job of the driver easier and helps reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by driver distraction.


So, don’t hang up your keys just yet. Big changes are coming, but this industry is here to stay. 


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