Top Supply Chain Trends for 2019

Top Supply Chain Trends for 2019

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The supply chain landscape is ever-changing and keeping up with trends can be challenging.  In 2019, technology will come into play more than ever before, bringing the industry an influx of robotics and digital transportation options.

Advances in technology have brought positive change to the supply chain industry and as continued advancements are made, keeping up with new capabilities and best practices is key in this competitive industry.  Because of these advancements, companies can expect to see an increase in productivity and a decrease in costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the top supply chain trends for 2019, keep reading to see which ones are gaining the most attention, and how they might affect you.

Expanding Robotic Services

Warehouse robotics aren’t necessarily anything new. In fact, they’re used in many different industries to complete a variety of smaller jobs and tasks. They’ve proven with different businesses to be effective and bring positive results. One of the biggest advocates of robotic services is DHL Supply Chain, who plans to expand their use of robotic technologies and more by the year 2020.

Robots will start to do much more than simply warehouse picking and e-commerce fulfillment. Expect them to start performing a variety of different warehouse tasks while working alongside humans. This will help increase productivity by “eliminating” tasks that typically take a human worker a long time to complete.

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An Increased Focus on Perfection

Every supply chain company wants to achieve perfection. But, until recently, that may have seemed more like a motivational speech rather than reality. Thanks to things like cloud-based data, more digital information at your fingertips and increased technology within warehouses, it may be more possible than ever to deliver “perfect” orders.

With that in mind, supply chain companies may be putting increased pressure on their employees to live up to these higher standards. Consumers and businesses are increasing their demand for perfection (meaning items delivered on time, in the right location, with no damage or delay), so supply chain companies must keep up in order to stay relevant.

Pushing for Sustainability

As the world continues to make a shift in focus when it comes to the environment, businesses all over are changing the way they work. The supply chain industry is no different. This year, expect the entire industry to take a look at sustainable practices and waste reduction. This is a trend that really started to gain traction in 2018, but shows no signs of slowing down as the pressure for sustainable businesses continues to grow.

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A Surge in Service Supply Chains

People are becoming more resourceful than ever, and that’s a trend that has started to shape the supply chain industry. Because people are looking for things like replacement parts or refurbished items, service part supply chains will be in higher demand this year (and beyond!). It’s important that companies are ready for this surge, or consumers will likely go with a different supply chain company.

More Connection with Consumers

It’s not that supply chains have avoided social media over the years, but it hasn’t been as much of a priority as it is for various other industries. Look for supply chain companies to put more value in social media this year, as it’s a great way to connect with customers and respond to both positive and negative feedback. As you can see, technology is at the forefront of 2019 supply chain trends. It’s going to continue to grow and create new opportunities for this industry. By keeping that in mind, you can stay ahead of the game, and embrace these advancements that are making big, positive changes to the supply chain world.

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