It all started in 1966, when Kenny Kopf secured a job as a cross country truck driver.  After fourteen years of hard work, a love for the industry and the hope of a better life for his family, he set out to change his destiny.

In 1980, with the purchase of one truck, he founded what has now become Kopf Logistics Group.  For many years, Kenny worked without rest to build a strong foundation on which we still stand today.


Our mission is to establish ourselves as an outstanding logistics service provider by delivering consistent value and dependability to each of our customers.


As a young teen Leroy, Kenny’s son, began working in the mechanics shop repairing trucks and performing various other duties for the company. It was there his love for logistics was born. His involvement in the business grew and in 1988, after graduating from Calvin College, he and his wife Vickie moved to Georgia to continue his work at the company’s Athens, Georgia truck terminal.

A Family Operation

Six years later, Leroy and Vickie returned to Indiana where Leroy assumed a leadership role at Kopf headquarters. In 2008, after many years of working with his father, Leroy and Vickie purchased the family business. Leroy’s parents continue to play an active role in the company.

Firm Roots – Continuing Growth

With the addition of our brokerage division in 2011, the company continues to grow and thrive. Leroy’s strong leadership, vast knowledge of the industry and commitment to a value-based culture, has propelled our company forward. Together we are creating a stronger future by putting people first in everything we do.


Opportunities Abound

Our company is a place where opportunities abound, where dreams become reality and where we never stop learning. Our discoveries over the past fifty years have taught us well and our humble beginnings continue to inspire us. We will always remember, it all started with one man and his truck.

A rich legacy, strong guiding principles and an enduring commitment to drive results in a way that is responsible, right-minded and honorable, have provided the foundation on which our company is built. Our values guide our steps and are the framework for all corporate planning and decision making. Integrity, personal accountability and humility determine our behaviors and have created a dynamic culture where ideas are born and people flourish.

We start each day with a passion for making a lasting, positive difference in the lives of the people we touch and create an environment where everyone can succeed. We care about each other, respect each other, learn from each other and are honest and truthful in our dealings with each other.

We are true to our word and live up to our commitments. The way we conduct our business is as important as the business we do. We build trust by listening and following through and believe the relationships we develop are as vital to our success in business as they are in our lives.

As we look to the future, we will continue to begin each day with clarity of purpose and a sense of mission, living up to the values on which our company was founded. Our heritage is rich, our beliefs strong and our vision great. It is an incredible honor to lead and serve.

Kopf Logistics Group


  • We are true to our word. We do what we say we will do and consider it a matter of integrity.
  • We own our mistakes. We are not embarrassed by them but learn from them and move forward with the confidence we will not repeat them.
  • We accomplish BIG things with a small team by valuing the contributions and capabilities of each team member.
  • We are frugal. We guard the company’s resources with the same watchfulness we would use to guard our own personal resources.
  • We embrace a results-oriented culture that drives accountability, profitability and growth.
  • We respect every team member and believe when respected and appreciated they will give their very best.

Our Higher Purpose

“Give them something to eat”.
Luke 9:13

Finding deep meaning and fulfillment in life starts with a clear sense of purpose. The understanding there is something to strive for bigger than self, broadens our vision and challenges us to make a difference in the lives of others. Fulfillment is found when we step out of our comfort zone and care enough to become involved in our community and world.

As a family of faith, we have been blessed with a clear sense of purpose, to feed people. Millions of people go to bed at night wondering where their next meal will come from. Hunger, food insecurity and poverty affects people of all walks of life. At Kopf, we are grateful for a unique opportunity to share our love for Jesus with others through the giving of food, the gift that provides nourishment for people to flourish and thrive.


“If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one”.
Mother Teresa

Becoming engaged in our community and volunteering in meaningful ways has strengthened our family and company. We are honored to partner with area food banks and other organizations as part of our commitment to fulfill our Higher Purpose. Each day represents a fresh opportunity to share our vision, and we are enriched as we work together to end hunger.

Without a Higher Purpose, we lack direction; but, discovering it unlocks our true potential. It brings us together and sets us apart. Our faith moves us! Together we fight hunger and give hope to those in need. FIGHTING HUNGER…FEEDING PEOPLE…BRINGING HOPE!