“Kopf is a trusted name. They’re a well-established company with a courteous, professional and knowledgeable staff. We really appreciate their genuine attitude and effort.”

– Kyle, Contract Carrier

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We excel at matching our contract carrier’s equipment to available freight and take on the tedious work required to keep you moving.

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To help us qualify your company as an approved contract carrier, please review the following requirements.

Carrier must be licensed by the FMCSA and have active common, contract or both authorities for a minimum of six months. If the carrier’s authority has been revoked and reinstated more than 30 days apart, the carrier must wait six months for requalification. If the carrier’s authority has been revoked and reinstated less than 30 days apart, it may be reviewed for requalification at the time of request.

Carrier is required to notify Kopf by phone and email immediately if its safety rating is changed to “Unsatisfactory” or “Conditional” and stop any transportation of freight in progress until notice by Kopf.

Carrier must maintain and provide proof of insurance coverage with required coverage limits and A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating of “Good” or better.

  • Minimum of $1 Million Auto Liability Policy with Current Effective Dates
  • Minimum of $100,000 Motor Cargo Policy with Current Effective Dates
  • Must List Reefer Breakdown Coverage and/or Exclusions for any Refrigerated Loads
  • Must List Workers Compensation Policy with Limits According to State Requirements

Contract carrier must agree to Kopf’s Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement by signing the document. Carrier agrees that any violation of the Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement is grounds for immediate termination for conducting business with the company.

Kopf engages in other carrier qualification processes which are proprietary. Kopf reserves the right to deny a carrier the ability to conduct business if any or all of these qualifications are not met. Terms and qualifications may be revised as deemed necessary by the company.

  • No Major Complaints on File with any External Websites (ex.: TIA WatchDog, Carrier 411 or Internet Truckstop)
  • No Major Internal Complaints from Kopf Business Affiliates or Corporate Office

freight settlements


A carrier may request a load advance up to 40% of the line haul, with a maximum of $2,500 issued per load. There is a $20 fee for fuel advances and a $5 fee for accessorial advances.


24-day Standard Pay/ACH or Check by Mail, No Fees


The Quick Pay option is not available to carriers that are factored. Participation in the Quick Pay Program is dependent on the carrier remitting all required paperwork for payment.

  • 2- day Quick Pay/T-Chek Settlement, 5% of Gross Truck Rate
  • 7-day Quick Pay/ACH or Check by Mail, 3% of Gross Truck Rate
  • 15-day Quick Pay/ACH or Check by Mail, 1.5% Gross Truck Rate


We are pleased to offer the ACH Payment option for freight settlements via direct deposit to your bank checking or savings account. Participation in the ACH Payments Program is dependent on the carrier remitting all required paperwork for payment. There are no ACH participation fees.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a contract carrier with Kopf Logistics Group! It’s easier than ever to become a part of our robust carrier network with MyCarrierPackets.com. It simplifies the paperwork process, eliminating the need to mail or fax carrier setup packets or insurance updates.

Please contact one of our friendly and helpful Carrier Representatives at 574.971.8182 to find a load that best suits your needs.