Best Marketing Tips For Freight Agents

Best Marketing Tips For Freight Agents

Best marketing tips for freight agents

Does your Freight Agent business have a marketing strategy?  Whether you are just starting out or are well-established, it is always wise to evaluate your marketing strategy if you seek to stay competitive in an already highly competitive industry.  Anything you do to promote your services is part of your marketing strategy.

To foster greater marketing success, our best tips include:

  • Maintain a professional and engaging online presence.
  • Build relationships with your customers to encourage referrals.
  • Promote your niche.
  • Seek professional guidance.

freight agents who don't have time for marketing their website and social media will benefit from Kopf Logistics Group agent program

1. Maintain a Professional and Engaging Online Presence

While some Freight Agents do not see the need for a website or want to be actively involved in social media, both are components of a highly effective marketing strategy.  When cold calling, distributing business cards, and meeting prospects in person, providing a call to action to visit your website will prove to be highly effective. All marketing points somewhere, and if that somewhere is a professional and engaging website, you will stand out! 

At Kopf, we understand agents don’t always have the time or budget to maintain social media accounts and websites so we make marketing your Freight Agent business easy! We provide you with the tools you need to accelerate your success! Our website, marketing materials, and strong social media presence are professional, engaging and relevant to your audience.  

marketing includes building relationships with your customers because loyalty is crucial in the freight industry

2. Build Relationships & Encourage Referrals

In addition to maintaining a professional and engaging online presence, it is also important to remember word-of-mouth is still the world’s best marketing tool.  Praise for your services from a happy customer is worth its weight in gold. Whether that word-of-mouth is done in person or online, you want referrals.

Encourage referrals by building positive relationships with your current customers. It is easy for Freight Agents to overlook the importance of engaging with current customers as part of their marketing plan.  Loyalty is crucial in this industry. Respond quickly and professionally to customer concerns. Ask for feedback and listen. Build a relationship with your customers so they keep coming back to you, and in turn, refer you to others.

Scott Stratten marketing quote, too often, feeling intimidated becomes our excuse not to be awesome.

3. Promote Your Niche

Does your Freight Agent business have a unique niche?  Whether it is medical devices, steel, poultry, livestock, cattle, refrigerated produce, or anything else, promote it!  While you do not need a niche in order to be successful, it can certainly help! When you market your niche you may be surprised at how many customers are looking to work with a Freight Agent business like yours.

4. Seek Professional Marketing Guidance

Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing, wrote: “Too often, feeling intimidated becomes our excuse not to be awesome.”  If marketing feels intimidating, ask for help. Consider hiring a professional to help market your business or to provide direction for you to begin.  Don’t have the time to devote to creating and implementing a marketing strategy? Hiring a professional may free up some time so you can focus on moving freight.

We encourage you to foster greater success in your marketing strategy by building relationships with your customers to encourage referrals, promoting your niche, and seeking professional guidance.  Don’t let intimidation be an excuse. Instead, make a plan, take a step, and grow!

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