As fall fades into winter, the holidays quickly approach.  In the transportation industry, it’s normal to feel the pressure of volume spikes and tight deadlines. While this time of year is typically busy for trucking and logistics, there are ways to adapt to the market’s demands with the aim of having happy customers and staying profitable.


Here are four tips to help you navigate through this holiday season.

1. Analyze Past Holiday Seasons

Meet with your team and analyze last year’s holiday shipping experience.  What went wrong? Are there ways to prevent those mistakes from happening again? What went well?  How can you use past successes to promote your services? Make certain to work as a team to increase your chances of success.  

2. Plan for the Worst-Case Scenario

Instead of hoping everything goes well, be prepared for the worst.  Start by setting your deadlines a day or two earlier to give yourself additional time if problems arise.  This mitigates a feeling of chaos if you miss your initial deadline.

3. Be Proactive

Expect the holiday season to be overwhelming.  Shipping volumes will likely be high.  Problematic weather may cause delays.  Unexpected issues may cause delays.  Accepting these challenges and proactively planning for them will greatly benefit you throughout the season.  One way to remain proactive is through communication. Keep in contact with all parties involved in the shipping process.  Be aware of minor issues to avoid last-minute disasters.

4. Get the Right Support

If the holiday season is leaving you feeling overwhelmed, consider getting the right support by partnering with a reputable 3PL. This will give you access to an extensive carrier base and help you secure trucks for those last-minute orders.  Kopf Logistics Group has the experience to manage high-volume projects in fast-paced environments, which can be an invaluable asset for the holiday season.  

Final Thoughts on Holiday Shipping

Holidays are a joyful yet challenging time.  With foreseen and unforeseen issues, stress can be higher than normal.  Ease holiday shipping stress by analyzing past holiday seasons, planning for the worst-case scenario, being proactive, and getting the right support. 

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