Being on the road can take its toll on the average driver, but as a truck driver, being away from friends and family for days at a time can hurt. Thanks to technology, and a bit of creativity, there are many ways to stay connected with family on the road!

1. FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the most popular ways to connect with family and is free on popular Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. The only downside is FaceTime is only available if you’re both using Apple products.  You can get creative to make your conversations memorable. For example, take “selfies” together on FaceTime by taking a screenshot using your iPhone. To take a screenshot, hold down both the home button on the front of your phone and the power button on the top at the same time.  Your screen will flash and the photo will save automatically to your phone. This is a unique way to capture moments together even when you are apart.

2. Facebook Messenger

Another way for drivers to stay connected with friends and family who may not have Apple products is through Facebook Messenger. Once downloaded, calls can be made through audio and video. This is an inexpensive way to stay in touch; however, you will need WiFi to communicate.

3. Marco Polo

Life on the road is busy and often very lonely!  Marco Polo helps you stay in contact with friends and family members that you may not otherwise be close to.  This app allows you to have an ongoing conversation that doesn’t interrupt your day. You can pick up and drop off whenever you have time for personal contact.  Unlike FaceTime and Facebook Messenger, Marco Polo allows you to talk even when your schedules don’t match! Friends and family can watch in real time or later, you don’t need to be live!  

4. Texting & Phone Calls

While video chat is nice, it’s not the only way to keep in touch with someone on the road. When a driver is finished driving for the day, one of the easiest ways to keep in touch is to use texting or make phone calls. How awesome to know your loved ones are only a phone call or text away!

5. Send Postcards

A fun way for drivers to stay connected with family while on the road is through postcards.  Send a postcard home to loved ones so they know where you’ve been! Your note does not need to be long to be appreciated.  After reading your postcard, your family can display them in a special area or even slip them into a photo album to create a book of your travels.  Then, each time they see your postcard, they will be reminded that soon you will be home! Remember to purchase a roll of postcard stamps when near a post office!

Drivers Can Stay Connected!

The next time you’re looking for a way to stay connected with family and friends while on the road, use these tips and nurture the relationships you hold dear! Share any ideas you use to stay connected on the road in the comments below!

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