As a child, you were probably taught the Golden Rule.  Can you repeat it with me? “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”  Orison Swett Marden, the founder of Success magazine, understood this to be true with customer satisfaction.  “The Golden Rule for every businessman is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place.”

So, how does a Freight Agent do this?   How can you live out the Golden Rule in your Freight Agent business and stand out from your competition?  Building a culture of customer satisfaction is a worthy endeavor. Don’t lose a customer by missing one of these tips!


1. Provide Personalized Attention

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalized attention. Part of this personalized attention includes referring to customers by name.  Consider keeping a log with each customer’s contact information so you can refer to the shipper and their employees by name. Others may not take the time, but you can stand out with your attentiveness.

Additionally, remember details from conversations by writing them down.  This could include noting an important upcoming event, a customer’s achievement, a pain point, their vision for the future, and so on.  When you refer to something you noted in a previous conversation, it will show you care. This not only builds satisfaction but ultimately their loyalty to you as their Freight Agent.


2. Ask for Feedback & Implement Changes

Once you’ve established personalized attention, gauge customer satisfaction by seeking feedback.  This can be done in many ways. You could create a short online survey and invite your shippers to complete with a personal phone call invitation, you could send an email with 2-3 questions, or meet your customers face-to-face and ask them directly.  Keep it short, clear and to the point. Notice trends between your customers. Then, listen, adapt, change, and grow.

For example, consider asking your shippers their preferred method of communication.  Some prefer phone calls while others prefer email. Communicating in the form your customers most readily use may boost their satisfaction.


3. Exceed Expectations 

If you are providing personalized attention, asking for feedback and implementing changes, it is also critical to remember to exceed expectations!  Don’t overpromise and under deliver. Be honest and have integrity. Be dependable. How? Make certain you are using superior technology so your deliveries arrive on time.   Even better, exceed expectations by delivering early. If your Freight Agent business is struggling to keep up, a fantastic way to boost customer satisfaction is to work with a 3PL like Kopf Logistics Group. 


4. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

In addition to personalized attention, seeking feedback, and exceeding expectations, your Freight Agent business will stand out if you are consistent.  If a customer knows what to expect from you, they are more likely to be satisfied. Meet deadlines, communicate in the same manner, be upfront and honest with any issues, send reminders, and so on. If you can’t be consistently relied upon, someone else can.  Don’t be phased out. Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Consistency builds trust. Be the only Freight Agent your shippers trust!


Accelerate Your Success!

Start fresh today!  Implement personalized attention, seek feedback, exceed expectations, and be consistent.  These practical tips will improve customer satisfaction as you treat shippers as if you are in their shoes.   Need a hand to accelerate your success? At Kopf Logistics Group, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer relationships and outstanding support for our Independent Freight Agents.  At #TeamKopf, we provide 24/7 Independent Freight Agent office support when you need it.  Our Agents stay with us because we care. Integrity is the Kopf difference.

How have you improved a customer’s satisfaction?  Leave a comment! We will celebrate with you in your success!

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