Kenny Kopf didn’t realize the lifelong adventure he was embarking upon when he became a cross-country truck driver in 1966. It is here our story begins.  After fourteen years of hard work, a love for the industry, and the hope of a better life for his family, he set out to change his destiny.  In 1980, with the purchase of one truck, he founded what has now become Kopf Logistics Group.  

As a teenager, Kenny’s son Leroy began working in the mechanics shop of his dad’s business. Little did he know he would grow to love logistics and one day take the helm of leading the company. After graduating from Calvin College, he and his wife Vickie moved to Georgia to continue his work at Kopf’s Athens, Georgia truck terminal. Six years later, they returned to Indiana where he assumed a leadership role at Kopf headquarters.  

At Kopf, our core principles are family, faith, and good business. These principles can be seen in everything we do. 


Our core principle of family sets Kopf apart. In 2008, after many years of working with his father, Leroy purchased the family business.  With the addition of our brokerage division in 2011, the company continues to grow and thrive.  Leroy’s strong leadership, vast knowledge of the industry, and commitment to the value-based culture his father began, has propelled our company forward.  

Today, Kopf remains a family business. The company continues to grow under Leroy’s leadership while retaining a small company feel. We accomplish big things with a small team!


Combined with family, the glue that holds our business together is faith. Faith in and love of Jesus are at the heart of all we do. It is our mission to be the best logistics provider we can be, but also to do good in the world and build others up. This is our higher purpose and is found in Luke 9:13 where Jesus instructs his disciples: “Give them something to eat.”  

This higher purpose fuels all we do at Kopf. We are grateful to partner with local food banks and other organizations to feed those in need. Volunteering and giving back to our community enriches and humbles us. Whether volunteering, delivering a load, or answering a phone call, each interaction matters when we seek to live out our faith by putting others first. 

Good Business

With family and faith in place our third guiding principle of good business is where we thrive.  At Kopf, people matter.  This comes across in the relationships we have within our team and the relationships we build with our customers. We listen and follow through. Each relationship is based on trust and our firm belief people shine when treated with respect.

“We build trust by listening and following through and believe the relationships we develop are as vital to our success in business as they are in our lives.”  – Leroy Kopf, President of Kopf Logistics Group

Along with trust and respect, integrity is essential to good business.  We are true to our word and live up to our commitments.  The way we conduct our business is as important as the business we do. At Kopf, we view mistakes as an important part of the learning process, always looking to improve.

Strong Roots Grow Beautiful Trees

We are grateful Kenny bought that first truck over forty years ago. He started our company with strong roots that continue to inspire us today. Our story of humble beginnings reminds us that hard work — coupled with family, faith, and good business — is the foundation upon which great companies are built.

Kopf’s future is bright! Leroy sums it up best: “As we look to the future, we will continue to begin each day with clarity of purpose and a sense of mission, living up to the values on which our company was founded.  Our heritage is rich, our beliefs strong and our vision great.”

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