Great Truck Drivers are more than people who deliver items from one place to another.  With a demanding schedule and the responsibility of safely transporting important cargo, truck driving isn’t for everyone.  At Kopf, we have a fantastic team of Drivers and Owner Operators who exemplify the best of the best.  What qualities separate the good from the great?  Here are five essential traits for great Drivers.

1. Honesty

First, great Drivers are honest and demonstrate integrity, even when no one is watching.  They keep accurate records and follow laws and regulations, whether they agree with them or not.  Shortcuts are not an option.   Due to their honesty, they have a great rapport with their clients and are trusted by their employers. 

2. Reliability 

Second, great Drivers are reliable. This is exemplified by their excellent driving records.  It is further demonstrated by their work ethic.  The best Drivers work quickly and efficiently.  They treat cargo with care while meeting deadlines safely and consistently.  

3. Stress Management Skills

Third, great Drivers know how to manage daily stress well, have patience, and adapt to unexpected changes.  One stressor Drivers face is traffic.  A great Driver has patience and remains calm, knowing this will pass.  Instead of being angry or frustrated, they know how to manage this stress effectively.  Another stressor Drivers manage is being away from family.  Great Drivers know how to stay connected with family on the road.  They also manage the stresses of the day by taking time for fitness as they are able.  

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Fourth, great Drivers are intelligent problem-solvers. They are able to solve problems on their own using logic and flexibility.  For example, great Drivers can perform minor repairs on their truck independently as they have basic mechanical knowledge of how a truck operates. 

5. Alertness/Focus

Lastly, great Drivers are focused and alert. While driving, they are alert and constantly aware of their surroundings. They pay close attention to the condition of their own vehicle and are keenly aware of other vehicles as well as road conditions.  Not only do they pay attention to their vehicle, but they also pay attention to themselves.  The most important way they stay focused is by prioritizing rest and sleep.  

Keeping Our Country Moving

While having a CDL is required to become a Trucker, it isn’t enough to make one great.  The best Drivers are honest, reliable, focused, manage stress well, and solve problems independently.  Great Drivers keep our country moving!  In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 13-19, 2020), we say thank you to all Team Kopf Drivers and Truckers across the country!  

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