Whether you call them Truck Drivers, Truckers, or Drivers, they truly are transportation heroes! As the popular meme going around Social Media states: “They say “goodbye” to their family to supply the needs of yours.” 

While a CDL is required to become a Truck Driver, the best Truckers are alert, honest, reliable, stress managers, and problem solvers. Driving a truck is not easy, but is essential to keep America moving.  

Below is a list of twelve things you might not know about Truck Drivers and their trucks. 

Top 6 Truck Driver Facts

Did you know…

  1. Number – There are more than 3.5 million Truck Drivers in the U.S. (Census Bureau). 
  2. Age – On average, Truckers are older than most other workers. The average age of a Trucker? 46 (Census Bureau). 
  3. Gender –  You may know most Drivers are men. However, you may be surprised to know the number of women Drivers is on the rise. Women make up about 10% of Over-the-Road Drivers (FreightWaves). 
  4. Pets – About 60 percent of Truck Drivers own pets.  Many of them travel with their pets for various reasons.  This amounts to about 40 percent of Truckers.  Read about the best pets for Drivers! 
  5. Salary – The average annual salary for a Truck Driver in the U.S. is $61,705 (Indeed).   
  6. Mileage – According to the most recent statistic from 2018, 304.9 billion miles were traveled by all registered trucks in the U.S. with the average Trucker logging 105,000 miles annually  (American Trucking Associations).  


Top 6 Tractor-Trailer Truck Facts

Did you know…

  1. History – The first semi trailer truck was invented in 1898 by Alexander Winton in Cleveland, Ohio. Why?  He needed a way to transport cars to buyers who lived hundreds of miles from Ohio (Institute for Transportation). 
  2. Cost – The average new truck cab costs $80,000–$200,000.  Trailers typically cost $30,000–$80,000 (Cost Owl).
  3. Fuel – Tractor-trailers hold a lot of gas. Typical semi trucks in the U.S. hold about 120 gallons, with some having the ability to store up to 150 gallons (Truckload Indexes).
  4. Engines – Truck engines are built to last.  Tractor-trailer engines are designed to last up to one million miles (Big Rig Pros). 
  5. Pounds – The average tractor-trailer can carry 80,000 pounds of freight (FreightWaves).
  6. Total Freight – As of 2018, trucks moved $721 billion of freight in North America. That is almost two-thirds of all freight. The freight carried by trucks surpasses the combined amount carried by rail, pipeline, vessel, and air (Bureau of Transportation Statistics)


Final Thoughts About Drivers


Truck Drivers are the backbone of Kopf! We are a family-owned and operated business established in 1980.  Our home office and main terminal is located in Elkhart, Indiana with additional terminals in Athens, Georgia and Seaford, Delaware. It is our privilege to employ a reliable team of Truckers and partner with a fantastic team of Owner Operators. We are grateful for each of them!

Are you a Truck Driver or Owner Operator? Drive for Kopf today!

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