Technological advancements, globalization, and the aging out of baby boomers has resulted in a sharp rise in demand for supply chain professionals. Transportation and logistics companies are increasing their efforts to recruit skilled and qualified professionals to fill this gap. Although the need is growing, interest in the industry is not meeting the demand.  

One major challenge facing the recruitment of highly talented individuals is the negative perception of transportation, supply chain, and logistics.  This perception can only be adjusted with positive current information. 

Here are four main reasons to consider a career in transportation and enter this thriving industry. 

1. Professional Development 

If you are looking for a career with multiple possibilities for new experiences and growth, transportation is the right place for you!

The supply chain industry is being dramatically transformed by cutting-edge technology. This results in an ideal industry for strategic and creative thinkers, problem solvers, and tech-savvy individuals. As the industry continues to grow in complexity, the potential for professional growth on the job grows in tandem. Through job rotations and scholarships, you can gain valuable exposure and job experience in every part of the supply chain including sales, procurement, logistics, operations, and more.

2. Advancement Opportunities 

If you have a desire to become a great leader or manager in any industry, the transportation industry has a position for you!

Transportation is an industry eager to promote from within.  Those who are Drivers have a unique knowledge of the industry causing them to be ideal candidates for office positions or perhaps partner with freight brokerages as Independent Freight Agents. Understanding different parts of the supply chain environment through roles such as these will expand your vision and dreams, setting you up for management, leadership, and executive opportunities.  

3. A Sense of Purpose

If your passion is to make the world a better place or simply to keep America moving, a career in transportation may be a great fit for you!

A majority of supply chain businesses are not only focused on improving themselves but also helping improve society.  After the pandemic of 2020, it became blatantly clear how crucial the supply chain is for America. Without logistics — an entire team of professionals including Dispatchers, Drivers, Logistics Specialists, Freight Coordinators, Independent Freight Agents, and more — an item as basic as toilet paper cannot make it into the hands of consumers.  Each position in transportation has purpose. 

4. Competitive Benefits and Pay

If you desire work-life balance, a competitive salary, and generous benefits, a career in the transportation industry may exceed your expectations!

Work-life balance, competitive salaries and generous benefits allow employees to make better memories both in and out of the office and assist the employer in attracting top talent.  For example, an increasing number of supply chain businesses are incorporating flexible hours into their logistics operations by accommodating childcare needs, adapting to transport timetables, and making use of cloud-based software. 

Competitive pay is also an important factor when recruiting key positions within transportation.    Companies within the transportation industry understand the need to offer competitive wages and benefits to attract the best employees.  Workers that feel they’re being paid fairly are more likely to stay motivated and go the extra mile to help the company achieve its goals.  These attractive conditions make the supply chain ideal! 

The Transportation Industry Needs YOU!

The truth is, the current supply chain requires tech-savvy employees with multiple skills to effectively tackle the high number of challenges facing the industry. Most experienced and seasoned employees are leaving the workforce due to retirement and other age-related issues. At the same time, job growth continues to rise within transportation due to globalization and a need for greater efficiency. Thus, opportunities are endless for talented, creative, vibrant, and tech-savvy individuals to join the supply chain industry. From professional development and advancement opportunities to a sense of purpose and competitive benefits, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at transportation!

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