It’s estimated that 2.14 billion people now shop online. With trillions of products shipping all over the globe, there’s a growing need for competent logistics professionals.

If you’re looking for independence and an opportunity to own your business, consider a career in logistics. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new graduate or a seasoned worker who wants to change direction, there’s a great opportunity waiting for you!

So, what should you do to get started? Here are some helpful tips for launching your career!

Launching a Career in Logistics

While a college education is not necessary for launching a logistics career, it can be extremely helpful. That said, it’s also possible to start in an entry-level position within an organization and work your way up the ranks to freight agent before becoming an agency owner yourself.

It’s a great way to learn to meet deadlines, work in teams, and learn how to research data. These are all skills you’ll need when you’re in charge of moving goods and products, shipping in bulk, and storing commodities around the country and the world.

Working with an Employment Agency can be Helpful

Without experience, one way to gain the skills to become a Freight Agent is to work with an employment or staffing agency. These companies specialize in placing people in entry-level positions in many different industries. Some positions are temporary, but they give workers a chance to experience different work environments and learn new skills.

This is a great way to get your foot in the door with a logistics company and begin learning the skills to someday open your own agency.


Study a Second Language

If you aren’t already bilingual, studying a second language can give you an edge in business and in the logistics field. As your responsibilities increase, you’re more likely to have to work with international teams.

Having some fluency in another language will make you more attractive to shippers, allowing you to increase your business.

Get Comfortable Handling Data

The logistics field generates a lot of data, from order records to scheduling, to warehousing. You should be comfortable handling large amounts of data and working with spreadsheets.

It’s possible you’ll work with a company with its own proprietary software program.  Having database skills and computer proficiency will carry you far in your logistics career.

Research Logistics Companies

For more career tips, research websites of top logistics companies.  Researching a career in logistics will help you identify the responsibilities of a Freight Agent and provide you with a better understanding of the daily workflow.  

If you have questions about getting started in a logistics career, check out our website. We are an established company whose owner started in an entry-level position and climbed the ladder to success.  If you have questions about working in logistics, contact us today.

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