The number of people working as Independent Freight Agents has been increasing by 47% each year. There’s never been a better time to become an Agent.

As an Independent Freight Agent, you’ll build long-term relationships with shippers and contract carriers and arrange transportation services.  Your ability to find innovative solutions, negotiate deals and manage day-to-day challenges means financial freedom and a life well-lived.  If you’re looking for a career where you can be an independent business owner with unlimited earning potential and have the freedom to set your own priorities, this might be the job for you.

So, how do you go about becoming an Independent Freight Agent? Keep reading as we share our top tips for establishing your career.

Jump Start Your Career with Training

As with any career, to become a successful Freight Agent you need training. If you already have experience as an Independent Freight Agent or a background in logistics, this might just mean learning new software and processes.

For others who are new to freight, you can think of this as career education that is opening opportunities for future success.

Learn more about our freight agent program and what we offer to new recruits by clicking here.

Get Your Documentation in Order

Before getting started with your career in freight and shipping, there are several administrative tasks to complete. First, you’ll need a registered business and a copy of your state domiciled business registration documents. Most freight agents’ businesses are registered as LLC or INC.

Next, you’ll need to know your federal tax identification number.

Finally, to carry out your work as an Independent Freight Agent, you’ll need a computer with access to a strong internet connection. You’ll also need access to Microsoft Office products, including Word and Excel.

Work with an Experienced and Reputable Freight Broker

One of the best career tips we can share with those wishing to become an Independent Freight Agent is to find a reputable Freight Broker.  Working with an experienced, established, and reputable Freight Broker like Kopf Logistics Group will assist you in growing every aspect of your business and equip you with the support, expertise, and financial backing you need to succeed.  

Working with Kopf Logistics means you’ll have a large network of carriers at your fingertips. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with industry experts who can share years of industry knowledge with you.

Develop a Business Plan

Like any successful business, a Freight Agent needs a business plan; so, before starting your dream career begin working on a business plan. Have you found a niche to target, and do you know who your potential customers will be?

Having a business plan will help you steer your business as you start and grow.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers.  Part of your business plan may develop as you receive training.  It’s not as hard as you think.  

Are You Ready to Become a Freight Agent?

Thanks to the excellent resources and support we offer at Kopf Logistics Group, becoming a successful Freight Agent couldn’t be easier. 

Contact our Freight Agent recruiter and we’ll be happy to share more information with you about our Freight Agent opportunities.