Over 50 million tons of goods are moved every day in the United States. This massive logistical undertaking involves multiple methods of freight movement such as land, sea, air, and rail transport.

The process of moving America’s goods hinges on special logistical entities, some of which are Independent Freight Agents. If you are in the business of shipping goods, partnering with an Independent Freight Agent is a great idea.

Independent Freight Agents help make it possible for you to service a wider variety of customers. They can also improve your credibility.  Read on to find out more about Independent Freight Agents and how to pick the best partner.

What Are Independent Freight Agents?

An Independent Freight Agent is someone who partners with a logistics company and operates under their brokerage authority so they can arrange the transportation of freight while utilizing the support services of that company.  The Agent owns their business and focuses on moving freight while the logistics company whose brokerage authority they work under provides them with comprehensive business office support.    

Why Work With a Freight Agent?

Partnering with an Independent Freight Agent can take your company to the next level.  Freight Agents use their network of carriers to transport a shipper’s freight and much more, including helping the shipper cut costs, move freight fast and remove the demands of traffic management and carrier sourcing from their operations. 

1. Resiliency for Your Business

If you attempt to go it alone as a shipper, you will be a small fish in a huge pond. Teamwork makes the dream work, and by partnering with an Independent Freight Agent, you build resiliency for your company.  You will no longer be the little guy in the world of logistics. As part of an Independent Freight Agent’s network, you will have a larger organization backing your operations.

2. Flexibility

A Freight Agent is able to provide you with more or less capacity as your business changes and grows that would otherwise be unavailable, or very costly, to an internal shipping department, making it easier to scale. 

3. Support

Managing everything on your own can be stressful, and sometimes you need the added support of a larger organization. By partnering with an Independent Freight Agent, you won’t be in it alone.  Your Freight Agent works for you and will put your interests first.  It’s a partnership.  Success is achieved together.  Knowing you have a larger network at your back can provide peace of mind.

How Should I Choose a Freight Agent?

If you are in the shipping industry, choosing your Independent Freight Agent can be a daunting task and can make or break your business.  The relationship between you and your Freight Agent should be built on trust and communication.  Consider these tips before joining an Agent’s network.  

1. Reputation

The logistical world is large, with the total valuation of the freight industry’s assets worth close to 7 trillion dollars. Even though the marketplace is huge, word gets around fast. A bad reputation spreads quickly.

Make sure to analyze the reputation of any potential logistical partner before teaming up with them. Work with a professional with a high set of ethical standards.  

2. Services 

Make certain the Freight Agent you choose offers the services that match your needs.  Ask about their experience in your industry and ask if they are familiar with the type of product or products you are shipping.  

3. Strong Relationships

A Freight Agent’s industry relationships are vital.  Having strong connections in the shipping industry will determine success or failure.  Close and trusting contacts help increase an Agent’s effectiveness and provide an edge when conducting business. Strong relationships/networks create new business, strengthen existing business and help manage reputations.    

4. Customer Service Mindset

Choose an Agent with a customer service mindset.  This is a key factor in retaining customers and extracting more value from them.  An Agent who provides excellent customer service cultivates a loyal following.  With excellent customer service comes fewer mistakes, transparent communication and better overall service.  

Join Something Bigger

If you are a Shipper, consider partnering with an Independent Freight Agent. The information in this Freight Agent guide can help you select your best option for a partner.

Use the Freight Agent tips you just read to make the best decision for you and your company.  By partnering with an Agent with a strong logistics network, you can improve your business. For the best partner, contact us today and begin your journey.