How Long Do Reefer Trailers Last?

Did you know an estimated 117,299 refrigerated vehicles and 76,680 refrigerated trailers are sold in the U.S. each year? These values show how important these trailers are for keeping valuable cargo cold.

If you are considering purchasing a reefer trailer, you may be asking:  How long do reefer trailers last? Find out more below.

How Long Do Reefer Trailers Last?

It’s fairly difficult to say exactly how long a reefer trailer should last as lots of variables come into play such as the type of refrigeration unit and maintenance requirements for each.  Improper use could also damage the trailer prematurely.  

A common rule of thumb is a reefer trailer should last for an average of 40,000 hours of use which equates to about 8 years on the open road. These values are based on an average of 4,000 to 5,000 hours of use per year. Keeping your hours under 4,000 annually will then extend the lifespan of your trailer considerably.

If you buy a new reefer trailer through a verified manufacturer, it is guaranteed to last the warranty period. Generally, most reefer trailer manufacturers offer a warranty of 30,000 to 40,000 hours.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Trailer

Performing regular maintenance by a qualified technician is the key to keeping your trailer fresh and ready to use without it failing on the open road. Apart from servicing the unit, a few other things can be done while in transit to make sure your trailer has a long, trustworthy life.

  • Pre-cool truck and trailer for one hour before loading perishables
  • Inspect loads for signs of mold and heavy condensation before accepting the load
  • Perform spot checks on the refrigeration units to check for leaks or any abnormalities
  • Only employ drivers with experience in reefer trailers
  • Regularly use auto stop-start mode
  • Use continous-run mode for delicate foods
  • Always test the unit controller before departure
  • Always leave sufficient space around goods for proper airflow

Apart from these basic checks and maintenance, a few things can be done to the actual trailer to spruce up the unit and make it stronger. These reinforcements are proven to make the unit last even longer.

  • Use a stainless steel bumper
  • Upgrade your wear bands to aluminum 
  • Use stainless steel lock rods
  • Use LED dome lights for lower current draw and increased life span

Keep Your Trailer Cool

A reefer trailer is a robust cooling unit that when looked after properly, should run for many years and not leave you stranded.  Following this simple advice can help ensure your reefer trailers are in excellent working order for years to come.  

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