What Is No-Touch Freight and Why Does It Matter for Truck Drivers?

No-touch freight is exactly what you think it is. You drive the truck but you don’t touch the freight you’re hauling. You’ll notice the term “no-touch freight” in various job vacancies, so it’s good to know exactly what it means.  Why does it matter to Truck Drivers? Does no-touch freight really give Drivers the opportunity to relax while the freight is being cared for by someone else? 

Well, in this short guide we’ll try to answer these questions. So let’s look into this matter a little further.

No-Touch Freight Driving Jobs

For many Truckers out there, the manual work of shifting freight can be back-breaking. No-touch freight is a great option for anyone that loves to focus on the driving aspect of trucking only. 

No-touch freight means the shipper’s or consignee’s employees or warehouse workers load or unload a trailer/container parked at a loading dock while the driver rests in the truck cab.  

Hauling Specific Loads

There are specific loads that need highly qualified individuals to care for them. Some of these loads include dangerous goods, toxic chemicals, or gases for instance.  Drivers and motor carriers transporting hazardous materials share a responsibility to know their obligations as required by the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations, most specifically how the requirements apply to their duties.  

You Get Some Chill Time

One great thing about being a no-touch freight Driver is when you pull in to drop off a load and pick up another load you’ll have time to relax.  This is a perfect time to rest your eyes, grab a coffee, or call home.  It’s also a good time to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery. 

There’s less Liability for You

Finally, opting for no-touch trucking jobs means you have less overall liability. This may be less stressful for many Truck Drivers who just want to drive.  Operating a truck on the road is enough liability for any given Driver.  Handling the freight on a loading dock adds a whole new level of liability to that.  With elevated platforms, heavy cargo, and machinery like forklifts and dock ramps, things can go wrong in a loading bay.  With no-touch freight, loading zones have their own team that knows the proper procedures which takes the pressure off you.  

The No-Touch Freight Option

No-touch freight driving is well worth consideration. If your focus is driving only, you should consider this type of work.

At Kopf Logistics Group, we offer great driving opportunities.  Consider all the benefits we offer to our Drivers today!