According to market research, the freight brokerage market size in the U.S. reached $1.164 billion in 2020. This industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36.2% to reach $13.78 billion by 2028.  Independent Freight Agents help shippers move freight fast and cut costs. Still, there are plenty of myths associated with them.  This article will provide you with common myths that you should know.

Freight Agents Are Not Transparent

This is one of the common myths resulting from historical conditions in the freight industry. In the past, Independent Freight Agents didn’t have access to standard levels of information; so, it became difficult to maintain transparency with clients. Today, freight companies can easily access and relay logistics information to customers.  Freight companies also leverage long-standing global networks. This helps build transparency in freight forwarding operations and services at a high level.

You’ll Have Less Control Over Your Freight

It’s not easy dealing with carriers and shipping lines on your own. Many contact points are often needed.  These contacts aren’t always service-oriented. Language barriers can also affect how you interpret and manage received information.  Independent Freight Agents know professionals in many different countries; so, Agents have the ability to negotiate and take control of the business relationship.  When working with an Independent Freight Agent, all your information will come from one source, allowing you the necessary control over your supply chain.

Independent Freight Agents Are Expensive

Even though most shippers hold on to this myth, it’s untrue. Under the right situations, freight forwarding services can save you cash.  Not everyone is familiar with import duties, customs clearance, and price negotiation procedures.  A lot of time can be spent analyzing what has to be done before organizing your freight movements.  With an experienced Freight Agent, you’ll save time and resources.  

Freight Forwarding Is for High Volume Businesses

Often, people believe that freight companies will add to carrier costs, making it expensive for small businesses. This myth is not only common but also misguided.  Independent Freight Agents leverage volumes to generate friendly rates for their customers.  Freight Agents grow and build successful relationships with their customers while helping them reach their goals.    

Independent Freight Agents

Research is key when choosing a Freight Agent. Take the necessary time to analyze your business transportation needs before moving forward.  Choose an Independent Freight Agent with experience. Also, ensure your Freight Agent has a global reach in your area of business operation. This should include links to your suppliers and customers.  Contact us today to learn more about shipping and logistics for your business.