The success of an Independent Freight Agent relies heavily on their ability to communicate with Drivers, Shippers, and Receivers. If you don’t communicate with each of these groups clearly to make sure everyone is on the same page, you’re in for a lot of confusion which leads to mistakes, which leads to anger. To avoid digging yourself into a hole you can’t get out of, here are a few tips for setting you up for communication success. 

  1. Be clear. Be concise. 
  2. Don’t make assumptions.
  3. Listen to everyone.
  4. Follow up and follow through. 


Be Clear. Be Concise

Have you ever received an email with misspelled words and jumbled information? Sometimes it’s to the point you can’t decipher the original intent and need to ask the sender to clarify what they meant. Don’t be that person. Whether you’re sending an email or on a call, make sure your message is clear and concise. 


Don’t Make Assumptions

Whether you’re working with a savvy Shipper or Driver or two newbies, never assume everyone is on the same page. As a Freight Agent, it’s your responsibility to make certain everyone has the same expectations. Don’t assume someone knows something you haven’t told them. You, the Driver, the Shipper, and the Receiver should always be on the same page. 


Listen to Everyone

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who talks the entire time without once asking for your opinion or feedback? It’s exhausting. Communication is a two-way street. One of the best ways for Freight Agents to help their customers is by listening and understanding their business. You have a relationship with your customers because you have the knowledge and information they need. You help them further by providing it in a way that best suits their business needs. 

When you take the time to listen to someone, they notice. 


Follow Up and Follow Through

Now that you’ve made sure your Driver, Shipper, and Receiver are all on the same page, your work is not done. Follow up throughout the process to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone remains on the same page. Lastly, follow through. Whether it’s making sure a shipment arrives on the day it’s supposed to or calling your customer to confirm delivery of the shipment personally, follow through. Staying true to your word and adding a personal touch is what turns a first-time customer into a repeat customer. 

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