As an Independent Freight Agent, the success of your business relies on your customers. Without them, you can’t operate your business. But how do you gain customers? This blog will detail 5 top ways to land customers and grow your business.


Shipper Lists

There are abundant Shipper lists available to Independent Freight Agents where you can find Shippers who are looking for Agents to work with. Depending on your chosen site, you can either pay for access to these lists or start for free. To get started, it’s as simple as typing “Shipper List” into Google. 


Load Boards 

A load board is an online marketplace where Owner-Operators, Shippers, and Freight Brokers can post the loads they have available as well as find available loads. This is a helpful tool for Independent Freight Agents to gain access to Shippers and Drivers who may need help with the logistics of their loads. 


Cold Calls

Once you’ve gained leads from the Shipper Lists and the Load Boards, guess what time it is? It’s cold-calling time! We know, we know…Cold calling is not your favorite. In fact, we’d wager a guess the majority of you just audibly groaned when you read this header. However, cold calling is necessary, especially for Independent Freight Agents who are just starting out in the business. 


Orphan Accounts 

As you make cold calls, you will have people tell you “never” and others tell you “not right now.” These people are called “Orphan Accounts.” Put them in a separate category with a note or calendar reminder to give them a follow-up call. Checking on these people not only shows them you care about your business but could result in a win for you if they are ready for your services. Orphan Accounts can be a gold mine for Independent Freight Agents. 



We’ve talked about this in several previous blogs. If you’re keeping your current customers happy, they will help you gain new customers. Your current customers are your best source of advertisement for your business. They have access to your target audience and can give a first-hand account of what it’s like to work with you. For those of you who groaned earlier about making cold calls, treat your customers well and manage your business entirely off referrals.  Never make a cold call again! 

There are numerous ways to land new customers. At Kopf, we want to provide you with all the tools and information you need to find and land new customers as seamlessly as possible.  If you are interested in becoming an Independent Freight Agent for Kopf, click here or give us a call at 574.349.5600