5 Helpful Tips for Independent Freight Agents – Before and After the Cold Call

5 Helpful Tips for Independent Freight Agents – Before and After the Cold Call

When you make the call, just remember…nobody likes cold calling! Everyone gets nervous. Take a deep breath before you dial and plan what you’re going to say.


  1. Research, research, research!


Do your research on the specific customer you’re seeking. Before you call or email, look at what they manufacture or produce and who they currently use to move their freight. We recommend jotting down a few notes before you make the call. Doing so will keep you organized and prevent you from adding, “uhm.. and mmm..” to every sentence. Remember, time is money. If you capture the attention of the person that answers the phone within the first 30 seconds by just being organized and efficient with your words, your chances of generating a sale are much higher.


  1. Make the call.


To keep yourself motivated, calling three new prospective clients per day will keep you on your toes. We recommend making a list of who you are going to call each week. On Monday, list three companies on your calendar for each of the four remaining days of the business week. When you arrive at the office, follow the steps in number one and then execute your call. Planning keeps you organized and motivated, something that is crucial as an Independent Freight Agent. When you make the call, remember, nobody likes cold calling. Everyone gets nervous. Take a deep breath before you dial and plan what you’re going to say as soon as the potential customer picks up. Your efforts in number one will make number two a breeze.


  1. Follow up.


Let’s face it, when you hang up after a successful call, it’s hard to know the other person’s thoughts. Sometimes, your opinion could be the same as the potential customer, or maybe completely different. Where most people fail is in the post-phone call stage. Following up via email is singlehandedly the most powerful way to show you mean business. In this stage, it also allows the potential customer to have a copy of your contact. You’d be surprised how many times people get a number switched around, or misspell a name when frantically writing things down.  A formal, polite, email thanking them for their time will tightly wrap up the phone call and let the potential client know that you care about their account.


  1. Don’t wait for a return telephone call.


This might sound funny, but sitting around waiting for a return call will drive you NUTS! Call other prospective customers.  Go back to number two, because if you call three new potential customers each day, your mind will be elsewhere and not focused on time between the last call. Remember, larger accounts have A LOT going on, and it may take them some time to get back to you. This is completely normal!


  1. When one door closes, another opens…or maybe the door didn’t close at all!


Congratulations, you made it to number five! Depending on how the other steps went, this is a crucial step for you. Maybe things went great! You’ve secured a new customer, and you’re on your way to finding a driver to move their freight. You played your cards right, and you should take note of what happened on the call so you can use it as an example going forward. Or, maybe you haven’t heard back, or they’re not currently in need of your help. Either way, you’re one step ahead of everyone else. At Kopf Logistics Group, we believe to be successful, you need to understand failure.  Failure has a lot of negative energy associated with it, but it doesn’t always have to be negative. Understanding failure helps you refine your abilities for the next phone call. Not every person you call is going to be ready to give you an account. Countless companies need you! Keep calling.  Keep pushing forward. Don’t let the negativity of today define tomorrow.

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