Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect cold call script…one that magically worked 100% of the time?  While we would be delighted to share such a script, realistically, it does not exist!  However, we do have one to get you started along with a tip that has a high rate of success for many of our Independent Freight Agents.  Curious about the secret?  Read on!


Sample Telephone Cold Call Script

While we are calling this a script, it is really more of a guide.  A cold call conversation is fluid, not scripted.  A sample script might read as follows:

“(Good morning, Good afternoon, Hello), (Prospect Name).  My name is _________________, and I am an Independent Freight Agent for Kopf Logistics Group in Elkhart, Indiana.

I am calling today because I would love to introduce myself and our company to you and hopefully have the opportunity to work with you on lanes that could use our assistance.  Kopf is financially sound and has been in business for more than 40 years with a proven track record of success, working with high profile customers.  We are committed to excellence and personalized service and both have allowed us to maintain longevity in the markets we serve.

Our company is built on hard work, integrity, reliability, and passion.  If given the opportunity to work with you, I believe you’ll find me to be the perfect choice to partner with.  I would love the opportunity to earn your business!”


A Typical Shipper’s Response

Be prepared for these two responses: “I’m too busy to talk right now.”  Or…“My freight is already taken care of.”  Shippers are busy!  They are anxious to get you off the phone.  In fact, they probably received several calls asking for their business before connecting with you.  Independent Freight Agents must be quick on their feet and a master at overcoming objections!  You must be able to get the attention of the shipper quickly.


How To Stand Out to Your Prospect

How can you overcome a shipper’s objections?  First, know before making the call the customer’s freight is already being moved.  The best response?

 “I understand your freight is being moved; but, are you happy with the results?  Do you have lanes that need improvement, lanes that you consistently have issues with?  I would love the opportunity to work those lanes for you to show you what I can do to make your job easier!”

Be willing to offer a good rate and tackle the shipper’s problem lanes.  You might be surprised at how quickly this gains your prospect’s attention!


Sales Savvy

As an Independent Freight Agent, you have to be sales savvy!  While a cold call script can help get you started, it is not the answer!  Be prepared to hear the shipper say he is busy and that his freight is already being moved.  Focus on how you can stand out by asking to take on problem lanes.  If you do this successfully, you will gain shippers and become a trusted source for your customers!

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