Do you have dreams for your family or your business? As a Freight Agent, you likely have a dream for more flexibility in your life or control over your income. If you’re more of a dreamer than a goal setter, you will benefit from setting goals.  Napoleon Hill said,  “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” For your dreams to become reality, you’ll need to set goals.


How To Set SMART Goals

Your goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relatable, and Trackable, in other words—SMART.  Here are a few tips to be SMART about goal setting.



To be specific, think: How much by when?  It’s too vague to say you want a new car or a better home office or to be a successful, rich Freight Agent. Instead be specific about the make, model, and color of the new car you want or exactly what your home office will look like—where will it be? What kind of furniture will it have?

Hill also said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”  Being specific about details creates a visual image in your mind and your subconscious will find ways to help you achieve it.

Set a date for when you want to achieve the goal. You should also have a clear reason WHY you want to achieve this goal; the why will keep you going.



If your goal is to increase the number of loads delivered, to be measurable add a specific quantity to your goal — by how many? If your goal is to increase your income, how much additional income do you want? How many additional loads delivered do you need to increase your income? If you’re using percentages of growth, what does that equate to in your daily life? How many additional hours will you need to invest? How many additional shippers will you need?



People often set themselves up for failure by making their goals so out of reach they become disappointed and throw in the towel. There’s nothing wrong with having big goals but set smaller, achievable goals along the way to give you a feeling of accomplishment and motivation to keep going towards the audacious goal.

For example—your big audacious goal is to make a six-figure income by the end of the year. Break it down to how much income growth per month you’ll need to achieve this goal.  When you hit your goal, celebrate!



Is your goal relatable to others? You’ll likely need others to be on board with your goal, whether it’s the better home office or the increased income. Explain to your family you’re working to have a home office so the dining room table can once again be used for dining.  Or, if you are a Freight Agent leading a team, explain as your income increases, you’ll be in a position to share the wealth.  Let them know what part they’ll need to play to achieve the goal.



In order to achieve your goals, you’ll want to have a tracking system along the way.  Tracking your progress daily, weekly, and monthly will aid in your goals becoming reality! There are plenty of apps for your smartphone to help.  Consider trying Strides: Goal & Habit Tracker or Tally: The Anything Tracker.  If you prefer paper and pencil, an old fashioned notebook will do.  Whatever tool you use, being consistent about tracking is important.


Goal Setting: From Dream to Reality

A life well lived as a Freight Agent is achieved through the hard work of setting and meeting goals.  Don’t let your dreams be crushed by what others may say or by your own innermost critic.  Dream big, set a goal, and make a plan using SMART steps. Before long, your dreams will become reality, and we’ll be here to celebrate with you!

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