4 Reasons To Become a Truck Owner-Operator

So many of the things we enjoy and perhaps take for granted are made possible thanks to the hard work and skill of Truck Drivers. 

In the United States, the trucking industry has a $700 billion value. This means both consumers and professionals in the industry benefit from the huge demand. 

If you’d like to make truck driving a career, it pays to consider becoming an Owner-Operator. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages that come with the Owner-Operator career track. 

1. Becoming a Truck Owner-Operator Lets You Be Your Own Boss

When you decide to become a truck driver, you’ll be glad to know you can do it in a way that allows you to take control of your destiny. 

Owner-Operator trucking puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to control which jobs you take and which you deny. You’ll decide when you work and how much time you take off, and only answer to yourself and your business contacts each day. 

If you are organized, a self-starter, and take care of business, you’ll love taking on the challenge. 

2. You Improve Your Earning Potential

Today, one out of every nine drivers works independently. Among these, several work as Owner-Operators. 

Many people go the Owner-Operator route so they can improve their earnings. There’s no ceiling on how much pay you can take home when you’re working independently.  This helps you set aside more money for retirement and will help you enter an entirely new tax bracket. 

3. These Jobs Are Highly Available and In-Demand

Owner-Operators are incredibly in-demand.  In 2020, there were close to 2 million truck driving jobs, and the industry was growing at a 6% rate. 

This level of security gives you peace of mind since job security equals life security. There are plenty of lateral or greater moves you can make if you’re ever out of work.  As long as you remain available and keep your driving record clean, you shouldn’t have a problem landing jobs. 

4. The Travel and Job Perks Are Excellent

While it’s not a lifestyle for everyone, people who love it wouldn’t have it any other way.  Becoming an Owner-Operator increases your travel opportunities and you can partner with several companies for the work you take on. 

Owner-Operators are also able to continue their education for more opportunities. There are several certifications you can receive to expand your opportunities. 

Consider Going the Owner-Operator Route

Becoming a truck Owner-Operator can help you enjoy the perks above and many others. Consider these tips and start looking into the training you need. 

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