Trucking plays a critical role in the U.S. supply chain and economy. America Truckers play a key role in delivering goods to every corner of this country. It’s estimated that the transportation industry revenues exceed $73 Billion.  Seventy-three percent of goods in America are shipped by truck, and in most communities, trucks are the only form of delivery. A strong, stable, and safe trucking workforce that offers good-paying jobs to millions of truck drivers, making a freight agent a vital role within this infrastructure.

What is a Freight Agent?

A Freight Agent connects shippers and carriers. Like a music agents finds and organize gigs for their clients, freight agents organize jobs for truckers. They are the ones connecting loads to trucks and trucks to loads. Agents source clients, negotiate fees, and plan pickups and deliveries

Freight Agent Earnings Potential

New Independent Freight Agents frequently ask how much money they can expect to earn as an agency owner. The great news is the earning potential for talented Freight Agents is truly unlimited. Your earnings are not capped! This is a key role where you are truly in control of your time and your financial security.

Independent Freight Agent

An Independent Freight Agent is an independent contractor who partners with a third-party logistics company and works under their brokerage license to arrange the transportation of freight.  

Freight Agents work directly with customers as liaisons and sales agents.  You will be responsible for sourcing contract carriers, negotiating rates, scheduling freight and solving problems quickly and effectively. Your ability to find innovative solutions, negotiate deals and manage day-to-day challenges means financial freedom and a life well-lived.  With your knowledge of the transportation industry and Kopf’s support team, you’ll be on your way to independence and strong earnings!

What should a freight agent be looking for when selecting a company to work with?

The foundation to a solid career is “stability”.  Be on the lookout for a company that is well established and has been in business for many years. With over 145 years combined industry experience, Kopf Logistics is growing our brokerage agency nationwide. We offer one of the best commission plans with up to a 70/30 commission split with dedicated 24/7 support, an award-winning TMS and weekly settlements, are just a few of the reasons to partner with Kopf.  As an established logistics provider, we equip you with the expertise, financial backing and tools you need to succeed.


  • $75K Property Bond
  • Excellent Credit with Shippers, Carriers and Factoring Companies
  • TMS and Carrier On-boarding, Including EDI
  • Customer Relationship Management Platform
  • PC Miler Mileage Software
  • Internet Truckstop and DAT Solutions Load and Truck Searching
  • T-chek and Comdata Payment Services
  • Macropoint Load Tracking
  • SaferWatch Carrier Insurance and Safety Monitoring
  • MyCarrierPackets for On-boarding Carriers
  • Ansonia Credit Data Services and Compunet
  • Technology Training
  • Promotional Materials


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