How do you define success? Is it increased profit margins? Enjoying the work you do? Freedom to be there for your kids? Whatever your definition, high performers have a few traits in common. Read on to learn more about how to be a top Freight Agent.


Confident Decision Maker

As the owner of your freight agency, you have to make tough decisions and decide when to take risks. Businesses are living organisms and must change and adapt. How do you make difficult decisions? How do you innovate? Top performers make confident decisions and aren’t afraid of making a mistake when trying something new. 


Top performers have an internal motivation to build their freight agency. They tackle challenges head-on, work hard, and strive for quality in all they do. They have an internal drive to go the extra mile and make sure their customers are satisfied. Self-motivation comes when you have a reason for doing the work you do. When your “why” is clearly defined, you put yourself on the path of growth. 

Cool Under Pressure

Freight Agents who crumble when things go wrong will often be in reactive mode, always picking up the pieces. In contrast, top performers stay calm, are able to assess the situation in order to find the best possible solution, and ask, “How can I make it work?” They know when to stand firm, when to adjust, and when to compromise. 


The primary job of a Freight Agent is sales. Sales, after all, centers on relationships. You’re more likely to gain – and retain – a customer when that person likes you. Top-performing Freight Agents are personable, knowing how to treat people as individuals who matter. They have large professional and personal networks and are continually nurturing leads. Additionally, they are continually growing their support team, reaching out to colleagues for insight and general support, and are willing to pay it forward whenever they can. 

Final Thoughts on High Performers

Regardless of how you define success, you can become a top-performing Freight Agent by growing in your decision-making skills, working hard out of self-motivation, staying calm under pressure, and networking. At Kopf, we know the sky is the limit for our Freight Agents and believe in each and every one of them. That’s why we provide 24/7 support and offer 70/30 commission splits.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Freight Agent for Kopf, get recruited! Apply here or give us a call at 574.349.5600.