One of the most frequently asked questions by Freight Agents in leadership is: “How do I motivate my Freight Agent team?”  In some cases, an employee admits they’re not motivated and looks to their manager to provide that for them.  As the owner of your Freight Agent business, you’re fully vested in its success and in all its operations.  So how do you get your employees to care as much as you do?  By creating an atmosphere of caring, fun, and expectations.  Here are five steps to motivate and inspire your team!

Freight Agent Team Motivation Steps

1. Show You Care 

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  One way to motivate and gain loyalty is to demonstrate care and concern for your employees beyond what they’re doing for you.  Learn about their families and interests outside of work as well as celebrate their birthdays and work anniversaries.  Whether that includes a small gift, just knowing you see them as a person and care about them will help them care more about you and your success. 

2.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Treat employees with the same respect you want and expect.  Show common courtesy, manners, and listen to their suggestions or complaints even if you don’t agree or can’t implement them.  Have an open-door policy where they’re encouraged to bring such things to you and where they’re acknowledged. This shows respect and goes a long way towards motivating them. 

3. Create A Team Atmosphere

Let’s go, team!  The feeling they are part of a team, part of a “family”, is highly attractive to many employees.  One way to do this is to aim to use “we” and “team” verbiage frequently.  Get everyone involved in monthly birthday or work anniversary celebrations, unite with common goals, and encourage outside of work get-togethers with an annual picnic or a holiday party.  

4. Recognize & Reward

People will work harder to achieve something if there’s a reward attached.  Consider offering a bonus, a pizza party for the highest achieving team, gift cards for dinner out, a stock share, or an extra day’s vacation.  Offer one of those extra incentives and see how motivated your team becomes!  People are motivated by different things; so, to achieve the best results, try to discern what motivates them most.  For some, it’s extra money, but for others, company logo items or more time off would be more motivating.  Keep in mind not everyone can be number one but everyone can improve, so be sure to recognize an employee’s increase in sales or productivity.


5. Believe Your Freight Agent Team Can Achieve

People will live up to or down to your expectations.  Expect the best of your people.  Having high expectations doesn’t mean you’re a hard taskmaster, rather, it means you believe your people are talented and you trust they are capable of doing their very best.  Share high goals but give them “Easy to Grasp Goals” (or “EGGS”) along the way so they gain confidence and want to keep reaching higher. 

You’ll See A Difference

Having motivated team members who are passionate about their work will produce more sales and greater productivity for your Freight Agent business.  When you show you care, show respect, create a team atmosphere, recognize and reward excellence, and believe in your team, you will see a difference. Initiate even a couple of these steps to see a difference in your Freight Agent team!

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