Is cold calling dead? No! In fact, for Freight Agents it’s part of an effective lead generation plan. But, if you’re like most, you may have objections. Perhaps you believe it’s too time consuming, you don’t know what to say, or it just isn’t working. Learn our solutions to these 3 common cold call problems from our trusted brokerage perspective. 


Time Consuming

Cold calling takes time. There’s no way around it. Some Freight Agents set a goal of 75-100 cold calls a day in their search to find new customers. This goal is not realistic or sustainable for all Agents. It may feel like a numbers game at times, but in reality, your focus should be on consistency over time.

Solution: Choose how much time you will devote to cold calling and which days you will do so. You may focus on an amount of time or a number of calls. Find what works best for you. Then, when you are cold calling, try working in 30-minute chunks. Get up, stretch, regroup, and go again.


Not Sure What to Say

It takes time to perfect your pitch.  If you aren’t clear on what problems your prospect has and what solution you can provide, your cold calling is futile.

Solution: Research! Research! Research! Look at the company’s online presence and see if you can uncover their goals and the challenges of their industry. Use your research in your call. When you know your material, ask questions, smile, and you’ll make a strong impression. Try this script.


It Isn’t Working

Cold calling is only successful some of the time. According to this Keller Center report from Baylor University, only about 1% of answered cold calls convert. In addition, about 28% of completed calls are considered “productive”.

Solution Don’t use cold calling as your only lead generation strategy. Successful Freight Agents use a combination of methods including cold calling, email, and social media. In addition, increase your chances of success by taking the time to research your leads, make sure you’re reaching the right person, refine your pitch, and build relationships.


Final Thoughts

It takes consistent effort to master cold calling, but it can be done. When it’s taking too much time, try working in 30-minute chunks of time. If you aren’t sure what to say, take a step back and research the company, plan to ask questions, and be yourself. And, when it seems cold calling just isn’t working, make sure you are incorporating a variety of methods in your lead generation strategy.

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